Create Your Own Custom Stencil

Create Your Own Custom Stencil

Custom made in the UK to your specifications, you can choose shapes perfect for forming your polymer, metal or clay necklaces, earrings, pendants and bracelets. The limit is only your imagination.


Lightweight and easy to use, your template will help you create perfect shapes every time. With the skeleton template, the inserts are also included allowing the option to cut either inside or outside of the shape.


Made from 3mm UK acrylic, the template promotes a strong and long-lasting design. As the acrylic is clear, it is easy to accurately position over your clay.


Please email directly with your design information for a custom price in sizes other than A5 and A4. Prices for these are to be confirmed and the price of £2 is for a non-refundable deposit only. The deposit is for the design of the order and the deposit will be used towards the cost of the final stencil, which is to be agreed upon receipt of the design specifics.

  • Care Instructions

    To ensure that you prolong the life of your stencil, please make sure you clean after use with a baby wipe. Also, take care when cutting around your stencil. The best way to use the template is with a thin needle tool, which can be home made by using a thin sewing needle and making your own decorative polymer handle. A thin needle produces less ‘drag’ – produces less crumbs of clay as it cuts and won’t damage the template. Making the needle quite short makes it easier to handle as it can’t bend. Practise first on some scrap clay to identify which needle you prefer!