Polymer Clay Cane Shapers Round (Set of 8)

Polymer Clay Cane Shapers Round (Set of 8)

Cane Shapers provide the perfect tools for caning, amongst others.
They come in a set of eight sizes; each rod is 150mm long, and they are the following widths:
	Green Ø 15 mm
	Yellow Ø 12 mm
	Pink Ø 10 mm
	Blue Ø 8 mm
	Purple Ø 6 mm
	Clear Ø 5 mm
	Clear Ø 4 mm
	Clear Ø 3 mm

Make precise indentations and insert basic canes e.g. bullseye or jellyroll canes, to build a more complex cane with ease.

PLEASE NOTE: I am not able to sell these in the USA, due to a mutual agreement in distribution. Anyone wishing to purchase them in the US, please contact me directly and I will put you in contact with a supplier in the US. Any order for the US with these included will have this part of the order refunded.
  • Care Instructions

    In order to pro-long the life of your cane shapers, it is always best not to leave the clay attached to the acrylic pieces and to clean them after use with a baby wipe or kitchen roll.

    Please remember to remove all protective plastic prior to use.