Polymer clay sculpting tool with Rubber Tip

Polymer clay sculpting tool with Rubber Tip


This wonderful tool is fantastic for any kind of detailed sculpting. Popular for fine detailing on OOAK doll making too.


Used with polymer clay, cold porcelain and metal clay, amongst others, it has an ultra fine soft pointed rubber tip - long lasting - a must for precision.


The tool measures 14cm (5,5 inch) and is wonderful for adding small fine details to sculpts, doll making and even jewellery making. It has a long metal gripped handle for easy handling and making it comfortable to work with. The rubber is approx 1.5cm in total length with a 1cm tip.


This tool originally is used in dentistry, but creative people around the world found a use for them in polymer clay arts and sculpting. It can be seen on multiple YouTube videos too.


How will you use yours?


Happy claying!