Tiny Dotting Tool/Circle Cutters

Tiny Dotting Tool/Circle Cutters

This is a set of hole punch circle cutters, perfect to be used for cutting polymer clay, creating impressions in polymer clay and to add texture to polymer clay. They can also be used in fondant for cake decorating and with metal clay too.


They make great nice clean cuts/indents as they are seam free!


Shape sizes (Metal tube inner diameter:): 12 PCS

Ø 8mm

Ø 7 mm

Ø 6 mm

Ø 5 mm

Ø 4 mm

Ø 3 mm

Ø 2 mm

Ø 1.5 mm

Ø 1.0mm

Ø 0.75mm

Ø 0.5mm

Ø 0.25mm


These amazing little things are originally used in audio equipment and creative people found a use for them in polymer clay arts. Please refer to other pictures to see ideas of what you can do with the hole punch tool set.