Wire texture brush

Wire texture brush


This texture tool is used for creating many fine lines and small fine details to your crafting work. It is great for detailing areas quicker than with a single pin tool too.


I have used this many times to add a "fluffed" effect to green clay to look like grass on miniature projects.


The stainless steel bristles are set firmly into an aluminum handle.

The seven pin bristle wire length is approx 1.5cm;

The aluminum alloy handle length 11.5cm, making the overall length approx 13cm.

The width of the handle is approx 7mm which is nearly the same as a pencil.


Perfectly designed to allow the user easy holding during use.


This can be seen being used in the "Fairy Conker Shell House Tutorial", by Fiona Abel-Smith by clicking here


Happy Claying!

  • Care Instructions

    Using a dry paper towel on your steel items it the best option for cleaning. Getting them wet can be a risk, as even stainless steel has the ability to become rusty.