1. You must be a member of the Facebook Polymer Clay UK Group to enter the competition.
2. The piece(s) you are entering must have been completed after 1st May of the year you are entering.
3. The work must be of your own design and an original piece. (You may be inspired by other artists, but your work should be able to be seen as a stand-alone piece. It cannot be recognisable as another artist’s work/design. You can use techniques in Polymer Clay that are widely known and recognised within the medium, but not plagiarise someone else’s design.) Rights are reserved to withdraw a piece from the competition if it is felt that these rules have been breached, and this decision is final.
4. The work must be predominantly made of Polymer Clay; If the item is of Mixed Media, it should be an obvious and vital element of the piece.
5. When making your submission, the title and any wording used to describe your entry should not reflect your name or artistic profile. Your entry must be anonymous for the judges to be able to fairly fulfil their role. Any images submitted must be similarly anonymous. Any breach of this rule will result in your entry being withdrawn.
6. The piece(s) entered into the competition cannot have been publicised by the artist on their own or any other website, and they cannot have been posted on social media sites. They cannot be publicised as having been entered into this competition, nor must they be re-publicised on any social media once they have been entered into the competition. Breach of this rule will result in disqualification and no refund will be given.
7. No piece can have been entered into any other Polymer Clay competition. If any piece is found to have broken this rule, it will be disqualified, and no refund will be given.
8. An entry will not be deemed valid until payment has been received. The cost of entry to the competition is £2 per entry.
9. All entries will be submitted to the Judges anonymously, images sent should have no identifying marks, words or icons which could suggest who the artist is.
10. Entry is through the submission of images only, do not attempt send any physical piece(s), they will not be accepted, and no responsibility will be accepted for any piece sent through the post.
11. The images should be in Jpeg format and should not exceed 800 pixels on their longest side. Images should portray an accurate reflection of the work and should not have been photo shopped to enhance the work in any way, beyond the expected issues of lighting and exposure.
12. Each entry is for one individual piece made by the entrant. More entries by each entrant are allowed, but will have to be paid for separately.
13. All entries must have been submitted before the closing date. We reserve the right to extend the entry date at any time, if they consider this would be in the best interest of the competition. Any extension date will be publicised.
14. After the results have been announced, we reserve the right to use all submitted images as part of any publicity for the competition. It also reserves the right to add photographs of submitted entries on its website and any Social Media pages run. The artist will be credited with their work in any such publicity.
15. Polymer Clay UK will choose the judges for the Competition and these judges will remain anonymous. The Judge’s decision is final, and no correspondence will be entered into.
18. Polymer Clay UK reserves the right to amend any of these rules should it be in the interest of the competition to do so, but entrants will be notified of any such changes, and we will do our best to ensure no change is made to the detriment of any individual entrant.

The competition entry will be available from 15th September of that year you are entering.

The competition will close on 13th December at 11pm. No admissions will be accepted after this date and time.

The winner will be announced on 15th January the following year. The winner will be contacted via email and an announcement will be made on this website and on the Polymer Clay UK Facebook Group.